About Me

Who's the man behind MSC?

My name is Mike Schoch, I am an engineer from Stuttgart – Germany.

I grew up in a rural area around Stuttgart, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. I was born in Schwäbisch Hall and lived my first four years in Bubenorbis, in the parent house of my mother together with my dad and my little sister. In the year 1992 we moved to Vellberg, in one of the smallest city of Germany. After my vocational training 2007 I left my home town for one year to work as an vehicle mechatronics technician by Mercedes-Benz. Then came in 2008 the economic crisis and I lost my Job. In the end of 2008 I started my engineer studies at the University Heilbronn. In the year 2013 I started my career as an development engineer in the automotive industry. The first three years in Stuttgart in the Mercedes-Benz research & development, then two years in Graz (Austria) by the G-Wagon development and the last two years in the development of the new electric vehicle architecture back in Stuttgart.

Overview School & Work

  • Primary & Secondary School
  • Dual vocational training as
    a vehicle mechatronics technician
  • Engineer Studies, Univerity Heilbronn
  • Automotive Development Engineer by
    • Mercedes-Benz – Sindelfingen (EQS)
    • G-GmbH – Austria, Graz (G-Wagon)
    • AMG GmbH – Affalterbach
    • Porsche AG – Weissach
    • Audi AG – Neckarsulm
  • open end… 😉